I'm a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Political Behaviour at Humboldt University of Berlin within the VolkswagenStiftung project COVIDEU.

I received my PhD in Political Economy at King's College London. I work on issues related to political behaviour with a special focus on political elites, immigration and gender. I do survey experiments and use natural experiments for causal inference. You can read my CV here.

Contact information:

Charlottenstraße 81, Raum 437, Berlin



Selected work


Control and Fairness: What determines elected local leaders' support for hosting refugees in their community? (with K. Fabbe, E.Kyrkopoulou and K. Matakos), Journal of Politics PAP, link

Good news for whom? The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine announcement reduced political trust (with S.P. Hargreaves Heap, C. Koop, K. Matakos, N. Weber) , PLOS One 16(12) link

Decoupling trends: Drivers of agency independence in telecommunications: An analysis of high and middle‐income countries (with I. Özel), Regulation & Governance 15 (1) link

Working papers:

Do text messages increase voter registration? Evidence from RCTs with a local authority and an advocacy organisation in the UK (with Florian Foos, Peter John and Vanessa Cheng) link (R&R)

Parasocial exposure to successful immigrants and attitudes toward immigration link

We cannot disagree forever! Reality polarization and citizens’ post-pandemic fiscal adjustment preferences (with S.P. Hargreaves Heap, C. Koop, K. Matakos, N. Weber) PAP, link, Monkey Cage