Completed working papers:

Hustle and the tussle. How the UK's vaccine roll-out impacted EU attitudes in EU countries (with Irene Rodriguez, Lisa Herbig, Toni Rodon, Heike Klüver, and Theresa Kuhn) R&R

Parasocial exposure to successful immigrants and attitudes toward immigration link. R&R

Europeans' attitudes toward the EU following Russia's invasion of Ukraine (with Heike Klüver) R&R

The political effects of leader communication during crises (with Heike Klüver, Sara Hobolt, and Toni Rodon) link  R&R

When a line becomes a wall: An analysis of the effect of intra-EU border closures on European identity during the COVID-19 pandemic (with Theresa Kuhn, Lisa Herbig, and Heike Klüver)


Confrontational forms of protests and support for climate action (with Heike Klüver and the COVIDEU team)

Political education, intercultural understanding and support for European Integration (with Heike Klüver and Felix Hartmann)


Do text messages increase voter registration?  Evidence from RCTs with a local authority and an advocacy organisation in the UK. 2023 (with Florian Foos, Peter John, and Vanessa Cheng), Electoral Studies,  81 (102572)

Null Effects of Social Media Ads on Voter Registration: Three Digital Field Experiments (with Florian Foos, Peter John, and Vanessa Cheng)  Research & Politics 11(1) PAP, link, media


Control and Fairness: What determines elected local leaders' support for hosting refugees in their community? 2022 (with Kristin Fabbe, Eleni Kyrkopoulou, and Konstantinos Matakos), Journal of Politics 85:2, 778-783


Trade-offs and reversals in policymaking


Good news for whom? The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine announcement reduced political trust. 2021 (with Shaun P. Hargreaves Heap, Christel Koop, Konstantinos Matakos, and Nina Weber), PLOS One 16 (12)

Completed working papers:

We cannot disagree forever! Reality polarization and citizens’ post-pandemic fiscal adjustment preferences (with Shaun P. Hargreaves Heap, Christel Koop, Konstantinos Matakos, and Nina Weber) PAP, link, Monkey Cage

COVID-19 and People's Health-Wealth Preferences: Information Effects and Policy Implications  (with Shaun P. Hargreaves Heap, Christel Koop, Konstantinos Matakos, and Nina Weber) PAP, link, media

Gender norms

Completed working papers:

Victim-blaming Social Norms and Violence Against Women: Correcting Misperceptions or Morality Drive Policy and Behavior Change? (with Sevinc Bermek and Konstantinos Matakos) link

Work in progress:

Reversal of fortunes? The impact of a tourism shock on women's human capital formation (with Konstantinos Matakos)