I'm a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Political Behaviour at Humboldt University of Berlin within the VolkswagenStiftung project COVIDEU.

I received my PhD in Political Economy at King's College London. I work on issues related to political behaviour with a special focus on political elites, immigration and gender. I do survey experiments and use natural experiments for causal inference. You can read my CV here.

Contact information:

Charlottenstraße 81, Raum 437, Berlin



Selected work


Control and Fairness: What determines elected local leaders' support for hosting refugees in their community? (with K. Fabbe, E.Kyrkopoulou and K. Matakos) (accepted, Journal of Politics) PAP, link

Good news for whom? The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine announcement reduced political trust (with S.P. Hargreaves Heap, C. Koop, K. Matakos, N. Weber) , PLOS One 16(12) link

Decoupling trends: Drivers of agency independence in telecommunications: An analysis of high and middle‐income countries (with I. Özel), Regulation & Governance 15 (1) link

Working papers:

Conformity to Patriarchy Norms and Violence Against Women (with S. Bermek and K. Matakos) (R&R)

When do text messages increase voter registration? Comparative evidence from RCTs with a local authority and an advocacy organisation in the UK (with Florian Foos, Peter John and Vanessa Cheng) (R&R)

Are social media campaigns reaching young voters? Null effects of cognitive mobilisation messages on youth voter registration (with F. Foos and P. John) PAP, link, media

We cannot disagree forever! Reality polarization and citizens’ post-pandemic fiscal adjustment preferences (with S.P. Hargreaves Heap, C. Koop, K. Matakos, N. Weber) PAP, link, Monkey Cage